I always think of the question asked of Ramana Maharishi "How should we treat others" and his reply "There are no others". It's true not only of people, but of plants, water, every part of this earth. There is no "other place" things go when we throw them away. There are finite resources on this planet, and we have an obligation to consider that with the choices we make. The beauty industry tends to romanticize exotic superfoods which are frequently rare & threatened. This mindset has decimated wild plants like white sage, chaga, sandalwood, and palo santo. We must learn from our mistakes, and carefully tend to our wild medicinals with a focus on sustainability. That means, among other things, working towards soil regeneration and habitat restoration. Sustainability also applies to the people tending the plants- are they able to live comfortably? Considering the livelihood and safety of our farmers & harvesters is an important step towards real sustainability.