Research is proving more and more that plants are sentient beings. We owe them respect and reverence, and their well being is our responsibility. We work with local organic farmers when possible to lower our carbon footprint and support our local community. We only use wild plants in tiny-batch limited edition products to honor our ethical wildcrafting rules. We avoid using endangered plants, and do our best to avoid using plants that are vital to fragile ecosystems.

We try to apply our ethics to every decision we make; from avoiding outer packaging, to choosing compostable shipping materials, to choosing local, vegetable ink letterpress labels. An important aspect of ethics in business is the ability to keep an open mind, admit when you're wrong, and do better. We will continue to learn and grow, make mistakes, and try to do better for our planet and our global community. 

Civil and environmental rights are important to us. Heart of Gold contributes monthly to NRDC · SPLC · WWF · ACLU · Native Seeds/Search · EJI